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The Program

goto The Twelve Steps

The Steps are a process of self-discovery and a journey toward spiritual peace. They are the heart of the program. Everything in the program is suggested; nothing is required except having the desire to live nicotine free. Many of us have found that the Steps become increasingly attractive to us as we experience freedom from nicotine. Our desire to improve the quality of our lives increases as well. It is a process that each member takes at his or her own pace. The Fellowship supports recovery, it does not demand it.

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The Twelve Traditions provide form and unity to our entire Fellowship. They help guide local meetings to follow the path that has worked at bringing recovery to many people over many years. The traditions keep the focus on our primary purpose, reaching out and supporting all nicotine users who seek recovery. These guidelines ensure that any member of the Fellowship can go to any meeting and find these same basic principles at work. Anonymity and confidentiality are essential elements of this program to protect its members' privacy and to protect the Fellowship as a whole from individual controversies.

The Tools

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Meetings are a powerful tool in our program. Attending on a regular basis strengthens our resolve and commitment to be nicotine free. We experience acceptance and support as we share without fear of cross talk, unsolicited advice, or criticism. We learn to keep the focus on ourselves and to share with honesty and love. We do not need to analyze the recovery process. We only know it works, so we keep coming back!

The Phone & E-mail List

The phone and e-mail list includes first names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of all group members who are willing to offer and receive support between meetings. This is a great tool to maintain your abstinence by communicating with fellow nicotine addicts.

pdf Literature

Nicotine Anonymous literature has been written by recovering nicotine users who have volunteered their services .Newcomers are encouraged to read as much of the literature as interests them. We have found that rereading the literature at a different stage of our abstinence and recovery can sometimes strike a new chord within us and provide new insights.


Sponsors are members who are committed to abstinence and are willing to share their experience on a one-to-one basis. They live the Twelve Steps to the best of their ability. Sponsors act as a guide in the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of recovery up to the level of their experience. A sponsor passes along that which he/she has received form others in the program and finds this as the best way to keep his/her gift of recovery.

To find a sponsor you can approach someone you believe has what you need to help you achieve ongoing abstinence.

goto Service

Carrying the message of freedom from nicotine to nicotine users who still suffer is the basic purpose of our Fellowship.

Our presence and sharing our experience, strength and hope at meetings is our most important service in carrying the message.In addition, setting up a meeting room, welcoming newcomers, doing whatever needs to be done in the group or for Nicotine Anonymous as a whole, gives back what we have so generously been given.